Avocado Love Song

we don't watch sunsets
but i love you
we don't go dancing
but i love you
and we don't stare into each other's eyes by candlelight
but i love you
and i know you love me too because

you bring me avocados 
instead of flowers
you sing me all your best songs
and listen to me for hours        
and it's not so glamorous
it's not so new
but other men can keep their flowers
i'd rather have an avocado from you

there was no thunder
there was no lightning
it wasn't sudden
like love at first sight
we didn't stay up late getting drunk off silly love songs
we spent our time instead on rock'n'roll and movie nights

you bring me avocados
instead of chocolate
you know how i take my coffee
and wait up for me when i'm out late
and we've got another page
in the book of love that no one ever reads
but i'm quietly crazy for you
and you're quietly crazy for me