Coffee Talk

lord knows i don't have any money

and i doubt i ever will 

but if i did i'd throw diamonds at your feet

buy a house for you to sleep in

and plant rows of morning glories along the driveway

or maybe i could take you out for pancakes

to your favourite breakfast place 

and we'd drink orange juice 

and laugh and be hungover

get rambunctious spill our coffee

and take up space

i wanna buy your breakfast

wrap you up in a silver necklace

wanna be bored with you

do chores with you

cross swords with you

i wanna ask how your day's been

we can talk shit about our husbands 

paint your toenails you paint mine

while we split a bottle of cheap-ass table wine

i'm happy cuz i know you speak my language 

and i guess you always have

you see what i see

when i fret about absurdities 

or focus on anomalies

that no one else would really understand

let's wax poetic and dish secrets

i know you've got a few

you bitch

don't lie to me

i know when you've been hiding things

i've learned to recognize that little twinkle in the corner of your eyes

can't think of a better way to spend my day

than talking smack and knocking back a few with you

but we've still got bills to pay

and these days you seem so far away