Cold (4th song in video)

will you always follow me?

your eyes are hungry cavities

i can see the place where your hand touched the doorframe

and the place you'll leave in the bed where i sleep


i touch my forehead as i brush my teeth

paper skin and chalk underneath

you stand behind me nodding so slightly

reminding me that this sojourn is brief


i long to gaze around me

without stumbling on your face

i long to drink deeply

without choking on your taste

be gone, please go

how can i taste every drop

when you're staring at me so cold


i pitch and turn in the folds of my sheets

i'm dancing with you in my cavernous dreams

we waltz so sweetly, you dip me so deeply

that at the crest of the arc, i forget to breath

my light will shortly flicker

my warmth will shortly fade

this waltz will soon recede into

the unforgiving shade

hush now it's late

oh please little darlin' 

don't be afraid


i won't lie here

freezing to death

there's still warm blood in me

there are embers glowing yet

my eyes are clear

my jaw is set