the calendar year is no more than a memory
we bear no more than what we can carry around on our backs
we are hungry for meat
and we follow our feet…

the forests are razed, the oceans are empty
the air is so still apart from the listless wind at our backs
we eat and we sleep
and we follow our feet

our path is all set about with
debris from more prosperous times          
but we’re not romantics
we burn whatever we find

we follow the moon for she is our mother
we hide from the sun for fear he will burn our skins to black
we are tired and weak
and we follow our feet

our path is all set about with
cages with cavernous eyes
but we’re not romantics
we burn everything that we find

You know how everyone is going around getting diagnosed with "environment anxiety" and having panic attacks about the impending climate crisis? Well, guess what, I was having panic attacks about the environment way before it was cool. 23-year old Zoë was woke AF and writing very deep songs about it, actually. 

 This song tells the story of a group of people who are trudging through a post-apocalyptic wasteland searching for food. "We are hungry for meat" referring to the fact that they're mostly foraging and not getting adequate nutrition. They walk at night because climate change has made it much too dangerous to walk in the heat of the day. And you know... "cages with cavernous eyes." Ok, real talk, the last lyrics suggests that this band of survivors is burning the bodies of the fallen. If you haven't figured out by now that Death rides high in the saddle throughout my body of work, consider this your initiation. 

I wrote the chord progression to this song during a time that I was really, really into Tecumseh Valley, by Townes Van Zandt. And I wrote the lyrics right after I read "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. It's one of my darkest songs, theme-wise, but I do have a soft spot for the lyrics we're not romantics, we burn everything that we find. Because of course, surviving the end of civilization will be all about practicality.