The Quiet Years: the final countdown...

Today is Thanksgiving, and this year in particular, I have a whole whopping pile of things for which to be Thankful. The Quiet Years is really and truly almost finished. Tonight we listened one final time to the masters to check for any last things that require adjustment, but there don't seem to be any. We are all set! We are going to release this bad boy! ACK! I've spent tonight updating the website and listening to our two previous releases (and when I say 'our' I mean 'mine and Julien's') and drinking wine, feeling many feelings. My personal feeling is that the Quiet Years tops anything we've done to date but also that it fits in nicely with our body of work - songs about standing breathless in the face of our constant human tragedy and asking such questions as "why?" "to what end?" and "will there be an open bar?" Nuts and bolts: the digital release will be swift. A week? Two, perhaps. The physical release will be a little more time consuming, because I'm making the CD wallets each one by hand, I am insane. I'm so glad that I've delved deep into visual art and painting over the course of the project - I find that it has given me another, more immediate way to connect with people. For that, too, I am grateful.

The next two days are all about rest: I am staying home from work (VAY KAY SHUN) and Katie is taking her cute li'l butt to daycare. I'm going to have breakfast out with my spouse, see my therapist, get a massage, and drink coffee on a patio before winter throttles all the life out of me. After rest: digital release. After digital release: CDs 4 all uf u. After CDs: well then we'll just have to play some more shows, won't we? xo xo

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