Happy Hallowe'en - Quiet Years out in 1 week...

It's the week of Hallowe'en and my whole block is covered in that white fake spider-web stuff. The most enterprising of my neighbours will have it covered in glitter and mistletoe in one week because Hallowe'en = Start Christmas Shopping for many people. Including me. In fact one of the reasons I look forward to Hallowe'en so much is not because I enjoy dressing up (I don't particularly) or enjoy dressing my baby up (lol, no) or because I enjoy candy (well... ya) but because that means CHRISTMAS IS COMING omg glitter, Handel, trumpets, sending cards, baking omg. This year will be extra special because as part of my Christmas prep, I'm going to be sending all my Kickstarter backers their physical copies of the Quiet Years. Eeeeee ^_^ Sometime soon I hope to show you how I'm making them in a little video - I'm using an envelope punch board, watercolour paper, pencils, markers and watercolours and each one takes about 20 min front to back. So far I've made 37! Many of these will go out to backers, and one private client has purchased 10 (as excellent stocking stuffers!) and that will leave about 10 of these super-special limited edition hand-made CD wallets for purchase by everyone else. First come first served! E-mail me if you would like one! ($25/ea. plus shipping :) )

Lots to look forward to right now - the digital release is in less than 1 week (Nov. 3!!!!) the Kingston show w/Megan Hamilton and Krief is in one month (Nov. 30th! Kid-friendly! Early show! I promise I won't swear into the mic if you bring your kid!) and CDs will be going out during this time too.

A small favour to the folks who read and follow - if you listen to the album and you dig it, please share it with somebody you think might like it too. The main goal of any of this endeavour is that I should render beautifully some of my interiority, and that you should recognize perhaps a small part of yourself in that rendering, and that maybe we can both feel better for a minute as a result. If that's what you got, then please pass it on.

xo ciao for now

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