The CDs are in the mail!

It has been a long, arduous, exciting, exhausting, amazing and many other adjectives week. I'll give you an idea by just running the headlines of my life past you. Katie was sick and throwing up at daycare. I have a bad cold and am mega-congested. I had to book and cancel and book and cancel and book about 6 different baby-sitter / psychologist / doctor / playdate appointments. Julien was up and down with his own health challenges. I was scrambling to get the physical copies of The Quiet Years and finish printing the lyrics booklets in time for my trip on Thursday. I went to Kingston and back on Thursday! I saw some of you! I performed for the first time since May! It was my nephew's 3rd birthday! I got him a dinosaur (He wanted to know if it had a penis. His awesome mother fielded the question.) I worked a full week of Regular Job (minus Thursday) and did not have a nervous breakdown, except for only slightly in a work friend's car on Tuesday night. I ate many, many cupcakes.

And those are only the life-related headlines! When it comes to The Quiet Years news, it's even bigger. For one thing, I got to hit the stage on Thursday with Megan Hamilton, Joey McWilliams and Krief. It was a super fun vibe, lots of little kids running through the pews, lots of excellent music and the very first copies of The Quiet Years made it into the hands of their backers. It was a bit of a scramble getting the physical copies together in time for the show, because I was a dumb dumb and didn't take the lyrics booklet to get printed until Tuesday night. The print-shop lady was kind of like "um, this is a piece of paper. We usually work with digital files?" And I was like "oh but I have a piece of paper though?" And she very nicely put together something for me that was a very good try but actually not right at all, and then Julien went back on Wednesday and I don't know what he said but he came back with the exact perfect thing that's now stuffed into about 30 wallets. Hooray (as always) for Julien!

TODAY: all you folks who backed the Kickstarter have been mailed your copies! It was such a good feeling to go to the post-office and hand the mail lady a big pile of CD bubble mailers. Whew. The only copies left are for people that I typically see face-to-face and people who haven't given me their addresses yet. And sending them out on the 2nd of December is really not that far off from our projected timeframe of mid-October so I'm proud of that too.

Now that the Kickstarter is almost completely fulfilled and the CDs are all assembled, the art is done and my first show of the winter is under my belt, I'm going to take a little winter pause. I'm going to watch some holiday movies, knit some thing for people I like, maybe draw some pictures of Katie, maybe make some soup... I hope you all have similar plans!

If you would like your very own copy of The Quiet Years and you missed the Kickstarter, you can have one for $25 CAD + $2 for shipping. Price includes a limited edition hand-made watercolour CD wallet, lyrics booklet (digitally printed) and CD of the 5-song EP. Click here to send me a message with your address and we can discuss methods of payment (Interac e-transfer is easiest). Order by December 18th and get it in time for Christmas :)


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