In the wintertime

Hi Innernets, howzitgaun? Those of you that notice such things make have clocked a recent decline in my social media engagement and that's no coincidence. I've kind of semi-retired from the Facebook and the 'gram, for Reasons.

Reason: a lot of it just makes me upset. The things that make me upset are rarely personal posts or memes - they're news items. Or little 60 second docs about how the ocean is full of trash or how the Doomsday Clock just got pushed to two minutes 'til midnight. Then you keep scrolling and you get a meme about a fat baby keeping it real or whatever but the damage has been done. The adrenaline has hit my bloodstream with no useful outlet or mediating force, and now I have this information that can't be unknown. We feel like the information is Important and even that we have a Moral Obligation to Keep Up With the News but like... how does it actually serve me? It does not.

Reason: I am time poor. Every actual second of my day is fucking BOOKED because I have a toddler and a full time job and aspirations beyond either of those things and a human body that requires having its teeth brushed and bladder emptied and sometimes I like to feed my cats. The social media just insipidly makes me ignore all those things and I barely notice 45 minutes sliding past during which I've done actually nothing. These days I've been using time I was using on FB to read Books and Articles. Holy shit, my atrophied attention span can barely stand it.

Reason: I don't know if it really helps with the music stuff all that much. Like... maybe it does? I mean, it's how I do the bulk of promo for things like shows (come see me Feb. 10th dudes) and sharing videos but I'm not sure that it gets people to engage more than superficially with the content. Sure, sometimes I'll post a video and get a few likes but I invariably do not get as many views on the video. And most people click away after about 45 seconds so... you know, should I really be throwing my time into social media promotion? Clicks =/= people actually listening to the stuff. How do you get people to actually listen to the stuff? I have no idea, I think I have to sit in their laps and sing into their actual faces. I am really not trying to be shitty and all "boo hoo, nobody cares about my ART" alls I'm saying is that I'm reconsidering how valuable Facebook is as a medium for fostering meaningful fan-musician connection. Is all.

Reason: I was using all the data on my phone every month and it cost an arm and a leg.

Reason: my brain is full, I'm tired, I need to CHILL and FB is deeply unchill.

There are things I miss, of course. I miss pictures of my friends' babies, and my sisters' rants and jokes and updates, being reminded of people's birthdays, Classical Art memes, pictures of friends' pets, pictures of my friends, videos of people making tiny hamster food... But there are other ways of getting all those things (I still text! I still e-mail! I still log on occasionally!) and as outlined above: Reasons. So if you don't see me around on FB, don't worry. I still exist. E-mail me! and I will e-mail you right the hell back, you see if I don't.

If you haven't already, consider coming out to see me on Feb. 10th at La Marche à coté, 5043 rue St. Denis here in Montreal. I chose a Saturday because I care about you and I chose to play at 6:00 PM because ideally I'd like to be home by 10.

Some other things that are coming up soon: I'm planning a trip to Morrisburg's Tilted Steeple in April and I'm 99% sure this weekend will also hold a 2nd Folk in the Country show at Willowbrae B&B. Katie learned how to say "no" this week so right now it seems like she's not into this plan but she'll come around. xo

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