Ashes & Rags is getting a video!

So Elijah and I have been trying to get together to shoot a music video since December 2017. (Readers, you may remember Elijah from my Kickstarter video and the intro video to my Youtube channel and basically all my videos and also from Zoë & the Lost Boys 2013-14). In November I asked him if he would be up for making a music video with me and he said "sure, do you have an old dollhouse we can burn?" Bizarrely enough, I did indeed have an old dollhouse we could burn. Once upon a time when I was 10, I thought it would be really Cool to build a dollhouse. I don't know why exactly I thought this would be cool, since I had never built anything in my life up until that point (barring forts out of couch cushions and once Fiona and I built a raft out of plywood and styrofoam) and I wasn't really that interested in dolls... but nevertheless! A dollhouse-building kit was purchased (thanks Mum <3) and it was mostly built. But. Like so many things, I lost interest before it was really and truly completed and it ended up sitting in a closet for many years (alongside a cowboy hat, a cape I never finished sewing and all the other half-formed versions of myself I tested out when I was little), and then it sat in our barn for even more years. When I dug it out at Christmastime, it was old and splintery, dried out and splattered with pigeon shit. Poor old dollhouse. I loved you so much for about 5 minutes and then didn't care about you at all for twenty years. I am a miserable bastard, I guess. Well, Elijah and I, we took that old dollhouse and drove it out into the middle of Actual Nowhere [me: "you're not going to murder me are you?" Elijah: "I guess we'll find out." me: "..."] put it in the snow and burned it to the ground. It has gone to wherever good toys go when they die. Maybe it became a real house? Wherever the velveteen rabbit is, that's where my dollhouse is now.

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