Winter, part III

Where to begin? Today it was -4 C, it snowed and yesterday it was -12 actual degrees on my way to work. How is that even allowed? I feel like somebody needs to be accountable for this atrocity. Let's all just snuggle up in blankets and eat peanut butter until the sun comes back, shall we?

Forgive my doominess and gloominess. For all the fun and games that was March (played a fun little show at Touski Café, may be announcing some new shows soon, started learning to speak Italian, got back out for a few runs, Katie started learning her alphabet, etc. etc.) the past few weeks have been tumultuous, and I find myself emotionally wrung out at the end of it. I won't go into detail (as many of the details are not mine to share), but with stressful events happening in both my personal and professional life, there hasn't been much space to relax. Sometimes all you can do, in the face of such trials and tribulations, is take your favourite song and sing the hell out of it.

April will be busy, busy, busy but busy with music and visiting! On April 20th, I'll be heading to Morrisburg (highway 401 between Kingston and Montreal) to play a few songs at the Tilted Steeple Coffeehouse, hosted by Isabelle Delage! Isabelle has just released her sophomore solo album, "Songs From My Little Couch." Her clear, uncompromising vocals and heartfelt, homey lyrics make it an excellent listen for Winter Part III. Some of the songs are earnest and thoughtful, but there are tracks like "My Little Couch" which is light and playful, and just plain CUTE. I'm very excited to hear her perform in two weeks. I'm also very happy to have my dear friends François and Stéphanie of Astheur along for the ride. Astheur brings a lot to the table - folksy tales, virtuosic mastery of their respective instruments, sweet vocal harmonies and cinematic arrangements. They'll play a few songs at Tilted Steeple, but the real treat will be their performance at Folk in the Country II. If you haven't already made plans to join us at this exclusive, intimate occasion - you should!

That's it for now. I can't wait to see all of you, hopefully sooner rather than later. xo

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