How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Oh hey people who look at this website sometimes! Oh. Hey. You may have noticed some radio silence from my end this past few months, at least on the music / singer-songwriter front. As is always the case, summer came and pounced on me and took my soul hostage. After a long, dark, harrowing winter, all I wanted to do was hang out in the park with Katie until 9 PM each night. And we have done just that. We have mastered all the climbing structures at the local park, have eaten so much watermelon I'm surprised we didn't make the news, have gotten sticky and dirty and exhausted and sore and HAD FUN doing all of it. I haven't actually played a huge amount of music this summer - Katie is still at the point where she loves the guitar, she is so fascinated by the guitar, she thinks the guitar is The Best, but also she immediately detunes it and shoves a bunch of picks into it and basically it's unmanageable unless she's asleep. So not a lot of practicing/songwriting has been accomplished. [shrugs] When summer calls, I answer. I can write songs all freakin' winter. During my music sabbatical, I've been working on a few other little side projects that I get up to from time to time. I drew a few new episodes of my webcomic Zoë vs Death (episode 7 seen above) and gave it its own home on social media: zoevsdeath is on Instagram now, so follow me to see new comics every other Friday. Life, death, fear and laughter, all conveniently pssshewed into your magic phone by space ghosts.

I've also been doing some work on illustration projects - mostly for kid-related stuff like children's book ideas I'm fiddling with, and art I'm making for the little people in my life. Here are some silly raccoons I drew for a dude I know celebrating his first birthday this week. Hah, they are so silly. I've been so wrapped up in drawing and comicking, that I decided to go ahead and give those projects a home on this site. It seems simpler to me to keep all my creative stuff in one place. Less administration, more creation!

So what next? Well heck, it's starting to be that time, isn't it? That time when the nights are ever so slightly longer, the mornings are occasionally crisp and you can just barely imagine a future where you aren't boiling to death in apocalyptic heat every goddam day. And because I have been deeply institutionalized by the school system, the onset of fall always seems like the real New Year to me. A fresh start, a clean slate, and time to get back to work. It's in that spirit that I announce my first show of the *real* New Year: I'll be performing at the Southeaster Cider Festival in Napanee ON on Saturday, October 20th! I don't have all the details yet but I can tell you the following: I will be performing alongside some other folks, I will keep you posted on who those folks will be very soon! The cider festival is $20 in advance, runs from noon to 8 PM at the Doghouse Studios in Napanee, and will feature locally brewed hard ciders and homegrown talent like myself. Get your advance tickets here! As additional bonuses to this amazing deal, mid-October is the absolute best time of year ever, and mid-October in Napanee environs is so gorgeous that it's almost obscene - put yourself there. I may also have Katie with me, and she is definitely the best person you ever met.

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