These Ruins

the sky is boiling
the heavens heave
the oceans simmer
and the earth grieves
these ruins
these ruins
these ruins are my home

the plaster's crumbling
the floorboards creak
the fridge is disgusting
and the bathtub leaks
these ruins
these ruins
these ruins are my home

i'm not complaining
i'm just stating the facts
this place has seen better days
i'd like to fix it
but i'm starting to slacken
and i'm getting so set in my ways

my thoughts are tangled
my heartstrings are raw
i'm riddled with symptoms
contamination and flaws
these ruins
these ruins
these ruins are my home
these ruins are my home


I am usually, on some level, lathered up about the Apocalypse and how it's On Its Way. It used to be a vague worry that I would only break out for special occasions, but these days it's one of my staple sources of anxiety. If you're familiar at all with my work, you'll have realized that my many fears are frequent jumping-off points for songs, even in my happiest tunes. Well, this song is no exception.


Over the years, I have developed coping mechanisms to help me live a #blessed life and not just sit in a wet heap, blubbering about the polar bears (may they rest in peace). I don't watch the news, I don't participate on social media, and I watch a hell of a lot of escapist television. But despite all my attempts to avoid thinking about it or discussing it, sometimes I get sucked in to conversations about the end of the world. 

A few years ago, not sure how many, I was having a conversation with my family about societal collapse. I think we had all been reading books on the subject, like "Collapse" by Jared Diamond, and "A Short History of Progress" by Richard Wright. I recommend them both, if you are interested in being very, very upset all the time forever. If you are interested in being happy and laughing, then you should probably read "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" instead. ANYWAY. During our chat about these books, my Poet Sister said something to the effect of "our generation is already living in the aftermath of Western Civilization - we're already living in the ruins."  I can't remember much else, but I remember the words she chose and how they resonated with me. Those ideas and conversations eventually grew into the lyrics for this song. And as usual, my work is just jammed with metaphors, eat them up!

© 2016 by Zoë Robertson. Photography by Robert Zbikowski and Vincent Fugere. Proudly created with

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